Funded Scholars 2018-2019



Sabrina Sales Martinez, MS, PhD, RDN

Project Title: Effect of Cocaine Use on the Intestinal Microbiome and Metabolome and Inflammation in HIV-Infected Adults in the Miami Adult Studies in HIV (MASH) Cohort


Hui Huang, MSW, PhD

Project Title: Substance-using parents’ needs and receipt for ancillary services, their relationship to substance use treatment compliance and new child maltreatment reports


Karina Villalba, MPH, PhD

Project Title: Effects of childhood abuse on emotion and cognition and health-risk behaviors among alcohol using women of color at risk for HIV


José Félix Colón Burgos, BA, MS, DrPH

Project Title: Examining the Syndemic of drug use and HIV among Latino MSM who work in the Tourism sector of South Florida

Funded Scholars 2019-2020



Shanna Burke, PhD, MSW, MPH

Project Title: The differential impact of apolipoprotein E genotype on cognitive and mental health among minorities with HIV and HCV



Melissa Ward-Peterson

Melissa Ward-Peterson, PhD, MPH

Project Title: Examining barriers to accessing medication-assisted treatment among women with opioid use disorder: A mixed-methods pilot study


Michael Tobia, PhD, MA

Project Title: Olfactory function and brain connectivity as biomarkers for senescent racial/ethnic health disparities


Veronica Del Prete Perez, MD

Project Title: Brain-based mechanisms for risk and resilience in postpartum recovery among Hispanic/Latina women