Funded Scholars 2023-2024


Aaliyah Gray, PhD

Project Title: Examining inadequacies in sexual education and the loss of Roe v. Wade as multilevel barriers to sexual wellbeing

Amber Sophus, PhD, MPH

Project Title: Identifying key ways to increase PrEP use among Black women vulnerable to HIV

Rumi Agarwal, PhD, MPH, MBA

Project Title: Social determinants of parenting and racial/ethnic disparities in outcomes among families of transition-age youth with ASD and/or ID

Genevieve Reid, PhD

Project Title: Ethical data principles for health disparity collaborative research with community-based organizations

Funded Scholars 2021-2022


Ananda Mohan Mondal, PhD

Project Title: Deep learning to discover the disparities in lung cancer between African American and European American males

Asahi Tomitaka, PhD

Project Title: Triple-negative breast cancer screening system using magnetic nanoparticle-based probe

Daisy Ramírez-Ortiz, PhD, MPH

Project Title: Multilevel barriers to retention and re-engagement in HIV care among Latino immigrants with HIV in Miami-Dade County, Florida: A multi-method study

Gabriel J. Odom, PhD, ThD

Project Title: CTNote: A software tool to standardize outcomes and measure algorithmic racial bias in opioid clinical trials

Michael Anastario, PhD

Project Title: Developing a culturally appropriate life history calendar to measure substance use trajectories among Indigenous people who use injection drugs

Funded Scholars 2020-2021


Venkadesh Sarkarai Nadar, M.Sc., PhD

Project Title: A potential novel arsenic-containing anti-cancer drug for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC)



Natalia Bourguignon, PhD

Project Title: Development of Lab on Chip devices to evaluate trypanocidal drug activity individually and/or combined for the treatment of Chagas Disease


Sheila Clemens, PT, MPT, PhD

Project Title: Examining racial/ethnic disparities in functional outcomes of people with dysvascular lower limb amputation and the effect of socioenvironmental factors



Bret Eschman, M.S., PhD

Project Title: The role of socioeconomic status in predicting language, social, and cognitive outcomes: New insights from multisensory attention skills



Nicole M. Fava, PhD, MSW

Project Title: Developing a trauma-informed measure of youth sexual health



Funded Scholars 2019-2020



Shanna Burke, PhD, MSW, MPH

Project Title: The differential impact of apolipoprotein E genotype on cognitive and mental health among minorities with HIV and HCV



Melissa Ward-Peterson

Melissa Ward, PhD, MPH

Project Title: Examining barriers to accessing medication-assisted treatment among women with opioid use disorder: A mixed-methods pilot study


Michael Tobia, PhD, MA

Project Title: Olfactory function and brain connectivity as biomarkers for senescent racial/ethnic health disparities


Veronica Del Prete Perez, MD

Project Title: Brain-based mechanisms for risk and resilience in postpartum recovery among Hispanic/Latina women

Funded Scholars 2018-2019



Sabrina Sales Martinez, MS, PhD, RDN

Project Title: Effect of Cocaine Use on the Intestinal Microbiome and Metabolome and Inflammation in HIV-Infected Adults in the Miami Adult Studies in HIV (MASH) Cohort


Hui Huang, MSW, PhD

Project Title: Substance-using parents’ needs and receipt for ancillary services, their relationship to substance use treatment compliance and new child maltreatment reports


Karina Villalba, MPH, PhD

Project Title: Effects of childhood abuse on emotion and cognition and health-risk behaviors among alcohol using women of color at risk for HIV


José Félix Colón Burgos, BA, MS, DrPH

Project Title: Examining the Syndemic of drug use and HIV among Latino MSM who work in the Tourism sector of South Florida

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