Gabriel J. Odom

Project Title: CTNote: A software tool to standardize outcomes and measure algorithmic racial bias in opioid clinical trials

Clinical trials assess clinical efficacy of treatments in opioid use disorder, but there is no gold standard treatment outcome. Further, the dozens of surrogate clinical trial outcomes used in this vacuum of objective specificity are inconsistently defined across clinical trials and vary in performance metrics across racial and ethnic subgroups. This project creates rigorously defined algorithms of treatment failure and empirically evaluates them for measurement variance (bias) within racial/ethnic subgroups using harmonized data from three clinical trials in opioid use disorder.

Research Interests

Statistical Genomics, Data Science, R Packages, Medical Ethics

Assistant Professor
Department of Biostatistics

Rev. Prof. Odom is an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics in Florida International University’s Stempel College of Public Health and an ordained and active Eastern-rite Catholic priest. Through graduate and post-doctoral research in statistics and statistical genomics, he received training in data science, biostatistics, cancer genomics, mathematical logic, matrix theory, machine learning model evaluation, and significant experience in open-source (R) software development. Furthermore, through seminary, he has one year of “on the ground” experience using spiritual- and mindfulness-based counseling interventions for substance use disorder at a faith-based halfway house. He is happily married and has been blessed with two healthy and beautiful children.

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