Pilot Program

The purpose of this program is to develop research opportunities for a group of early stage investigators at FIU, particularly those from underrepresented minority groups, who are committed to conducting research on health disparities and to achieve the goal of successfully competing for peer-reviewed grant funding (e.g., R21, R01). Aligned with this goal, the Pilot Grant Program provides a pilot project and mentoring program to assist promising junior investigators in career development, with a focus on obtaining pilot data and publications in preparation for external peer-reviewed grant funding.


Key information about the pilot program is as follows:

5 Awards

The Pilot Studies program awards approximately 5 awards each  year.



Each project is awarded up to $50,000 in research funding.



Pilot projects are conducted over a 1 year funding period.




Projects are scheduled to start on July 1st of each fiscal year.


Pilot Program Outcomes

A total of 13 Pilot Studies have been awarded.


A total of $650,000 has been awarded.


Applications have spanned across multiple FIU colleges and departments.


Funded Scholars

Get to know our funded scholars for the Pilot Grant Program.

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