The Florida International University Research Center in Minority Institutions (FIU-RCMI) is a comprehensive clinical/health services, behavioral and population science, and basic biomedical research center that involves 78 faculty, staff, and students across 13 departments at Florida International University.

The FIU-RCMI focuses on developing and sustaining a research portfolio addressing health disparities. Health disparities are largely preventable differences in the burden of disease experienced by certain groups on the basis of social, economic, or environmental disadvantage.

FIU-RCMI investigators have conducted health disparities research on a wide range of topics, including HIV, COVID-19, substance use problems, mental health, Alzheimer’s Disease, sleep hygiene, the microbiome, agrochemical exposure, and pediatric cancer, while taking into consideration critical social and structural determinants of health. FIU-RCMI investigators work with community partners to ensure our efforts promote health equity among and across the diverse communities of South Florida.

Our vision is a South Florida where all populations have an equal opportunity to live long, healthy, and productive lives.

To achieve this, the FIU-RCMI supports meaningful health disparities research by:

  • Training early-stage investigators on best practices for conducting rigorous and respectful health disparities research
  • Convening a Community Advisory Board (CAB) to assist in guiding the Center’s research
  • Establishing and strengthening research partnerships with community-based organizations
  • Providing infrastructure support and educational opportunities to conduct state-of-the-art

Our Organizational Structure

Please click the image below for a more detailed organizational chart of the FIU-RCMI team.

Meet Our Team

We are proud to work with an incredible group of researchers from FIU, our local community, and partners from other prestigious academic institutions. To learn more about our team, please click on the icons below.

External Advisory Board

Meet our External Advisory Board.

RCMI Leadership Team

Meet our Leadership Team.

Community Advisory Board

Meet our Community Advisory Board.

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