Emy Martinez currently oversees the total operations of The SPOT and serves as its community liaison. Ms. Martinez previously worked as the Mobile Outreach and Remote Supervisor of the IDEA Exchange Miami, and as outreach supervisor, she was the liaison between the IDEA Exchange and the community. Motivated by the death of many of her close friends from HIV and AIDS, she strives to save as many people as she can—one person at a time. Since 1992, Emy has worked with vulnerable populations, especially those most at risk for HIV and HCV. Her experience spans working with Care Resource, formerly known as Health Crisis Network, National Latino/a Lesbian and Gay Organization (LLEGÓ) in Washington DC, Union Positiva in Miami, Miami-Dade County Health Department (FDOH), and the University of Miami. Thirty-one years later, her passion and drive for her work as a harm reductionist brings her back to where it all began—Care Resource—where she will continue her work as an advocate for the community through compassion and tolerance.

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