M.A.D.E Project

About Us

Middle-schoolers AvoiD ENDS Project (MADE Project) is a 1-year project funded through the Center for Children and Families (CCF). The MADE project examines cognitive-behavioral mechanisms contributing to future incitation and escalation of ENDS use (e.g. e-cigarettes, vaping, etc.) among pre-teens. Students must be in 5th – 8th grade in order to participate.

What Will You Be Doing?

We will call you on the phone so we can ask you and your child a series of questions to determine if your child is eligible to participate (~30 minutes). If your child is eligible we will schedule a time for both you and your child to fill out a series of online surveys that will be emailed to you (~1 hour for caregiver and ~2 hours for child). Finally, your child will complete a computer task (like a video-game or smartphone-game) that can be easily run on any computer with internet by clicking a link that we will email to you (~30 minutes).


Middle-school participants can earn up to $40 (mailed cash or gift-card) for completing surveys and computer task. Caregivers can earn up to $20 (mailed cash or gift-card) for completing surveys.

Let’s Work Together!

Click on the button below for more information or to see if you are eligible to participate.

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